Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer WIFD - day two

WIFD - day two

If you read my blog regularly, the dress I'm wearing today isn't new to you! To shake things up a bit, I wore a vintage gold chain necklace that I haven't paired with this dress before. It belonged to my Great-Grandma Irene -- I miss her a lot and it's special to me to have some of her jewelry. I haven't worn it in a while and as I put it on today, it struck me that it looks very much like a modern bib necklace.

I spent a chunk of the morning helping my neighbor sew a skirt for herself, and the rest of the day has been spent doing laundry, ironing, folding and hanging clean clothes, preparing food, and other sundry household chores. It's hard to be motivated to put on something cute when I'm not going anywhere "special" -- but I need to get it into my head that being around my husband and son is special enough!

Plus, if Douglas gets in the mood to surprise me with a fun date tonight (hint, hint), I'll already be ready to go! ;-)

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  1. Love the outfit! You have such a wonderful sense of style!

    --Alyssa in Calif.

  2. Lovely!! Also, wow your hair is long! It's beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful dress! I hope to learn how to sew someday... :)

  4. Thank you so much, ladies! Your kindness means a lot to me!