Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer WIFD - day four

WIFD - day four

This is my "soaking up Vitamin D" pose. The grass is getting a little too much sun as you can tell from its bristly, dry appearance. Anyway...

I didn't intend to go entirely homesewn again today but this is what I picked out of my closet! My first Sorbetto top and a white linen-look skirt made several years ago from Simplicity 5914. Today was a busy day so I wore my hair pulled back in a low ponytail most of the day. Not much else to say about this -- it's a very easy and comfortable outfit!

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  1. You're an excellent seamstress, Laura! Your clothes are so classy...especially for being homemade.

  2. I love your beautiful wardrobe, Laura. Your apparel is very tasteful and feminine. But how do you manage to stay clean throughout your daily activities, especially with a two-year-old? Whenever I babysit young children, I always wear clothes I don't mind getting dirty because I inevitably become covered with some sort of drool or snack food. :)

  3. Thank you, Tricia and Catherine! Catherine, sometimes I do end up with dirt smudges from Edmund's shoes when I wear this white skirt, but it's usually not too noticeable. Otherwise I don't have many stains or spots to deal with -- I'm careful to wipe his hands after he eats and if I'm doing some very messy housework, I wear an apron. :)