Monday, July 18, 2011

Edwardian-style heels, pt. deux!

black suede shoes

So maybe I should start a side business sourcing and selling early 1990s vintage shoes? I found these this weekend at a garage sale -- SAME SIZE as the other pair I'm selling (i.e. just too small for me to keep!). Sorry to keep tantalizing those of you who are not 7.5, but the eBay listing is here.


  1. They are soooo fab! Perfect for winter dressy occasions. Someone out there with 7 and a half feet will be very happy!

  2. Oh my goodness, I think I had this exact pair of shoes in the early 1990s! And they were very special. At the age of 15, I fell in love with them, babysat to save up for them, bought them, and then ran around in them fancying I was a FABULOUS flapper. What a great memory! Too bad I'm not a size 7.5 - I guess you can never really go back, can you? :-)

  3. Yes, do start a side business of selling such shoes. Only one request would be to find some in larger sizes! ;)

    I suppose I can't complain. Just the other day (thrifting of course) I found some adorable brown heels that look like they came from the early 1990s. They look like your style, and no, I'm not selling them. ;)

  4. Rachel, oh yes! I could totally see them paired with a dark velvet winter dress. So pretty...

    Inder-ific, that's awesome! Maybe it dates me but I still love the vintage-inspired fashions of the '90s. It can't be too long before there's a '90s revival in fashion!

    Cheri, I'm so glad you found some that fit you! I do hope you'll share some pictures! :)

  5. I wonder if there's a profound spiritual lesson in you finding shoes you ♥ that are *just* a size too small! Just doesn't seem fair, does it? ;) Good luck selling them!

    This Good Life

  6. LOL, TGL! I'd say the spiritual application is that God is giving me a way to earn a little extra money during a dry financial season, and making it easy on me by cutting out any temptation to keep the shoes for myself! ;-)

  7. I'm OBSESSED with these shoes!!! Where could I find a pair like this?