Monday, November 21, 2011

A Fond Farewell (sort of!)

I've been procrastinating writing this post -- I'm sure you've noticed the neglect my blog has suffered of late! Douglas and I decided to get rid of our home Internet connection for a season, which went into effect at the beginning of this month. This is partly to cut out an unnecessary financial expenditure, and partly because we both felt we were too addicted to the Internet. It's been a few weeks now, and I'm truly surprised at how little I miss it -- mostly the convenience of looking up a recipe, checking the weather forecast, or things like that.

I initially thought that if we got rid of our Internet connection, I would give up blogging altogether -- but when push came to shove, I'm having a hard time severing something I've enjoyed so much over the past five years. So, I decided to semi-retire instead. My posts will be much more infrequent, since my Internet time is so limited, but I hope to continue posting from time to time, especially my sewing projects.

I will also be changing the comments so that all comments need to be approved by me before they show up. I've been blessed not to have to deal with much spam or unkindness through the comments feature, but this will just give me an extra measure of peace about the content of my blog when I'm not around to check on it every day.

Thanks for hanging in there with me! It's a blessing to be able to share the small beauties with which God has enriched my life at home. I'm always glad to hear from you, either in the comments or by e-mail (my address is in my blogger profile). God bless you, dear friends!

Pink or blue?

Flannel blankets

I haven't been up to much sewing lately, but I did manage to make these two swaddling blankets from lengths of flannel I had in my stash. It's just a single layer of flannel, with the edges folded under 1/2" twice and stitched down. I made mitred corners for neatness. They ended up being about 38" square. I had several like these that I used with Edmund, and I really liked them for their versatility -- swaddling, nursing cover, floor mat, etc.!

Lord willing, one of these blankets will be put to good use in our family next May! ;-)