Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So thankful

You know what, I am not a particularly grateful person by nature. It's easy for me to dwell on the negatives (part of why I started this blog many years ago; to help me record God's blessings in my life -- which I hope to get back to more and more). Feeling thankful doesn't come easily, so I have to choose to be so, sometimes on an hourly basis. When I am feeling resentful and ungrateful, it's not because God hasn't given me good things or provided for my needs, it's because He hasn't done it the way I want Him to(!). What foolishness.

I do actually have a lot to be thankful for. I'm thankful for the memory of a special Thanksgiving day, three years ago, when our firstborn son entered the world. He has been a delight to us ever since. I'm thankful for his good health, his quick mind, his sweet spirit, and yes, even his boyish energy. :) I wanted a son named Edmund and God graciously gave me the desires of my heart. He is so hilarious; I can't even tell you all the funny things he says that crack me up! Here are a few recent funnies:
  • At naptime, I put him down in his crib and covered him with his blankets. He looked up at me and sweetly asked, "Mommy, where are my pocket-handkins? Where's my pinnie?" (The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle reference, for those of you who are too far removed from Beatrix Potter books.)
  • the other day at lunch: "On your marks... get set... GO! PRAY! Lord Jesus, thank you for this day..."
  • I was walking past the (closed) bathroom door and heard a little voice inside practicing the "Minuet in G": "La, de, da, de, da, de, da, de, da. La de da. La de da." etc. He was using the Think System from The Music Man, hahaha.

I'm thankful for our lovely daughter, who just turned six months old. I can't wait to see the beautiful person she will become. I am also thankful for her good health and her sweet temperament. She charms people everywhere we go with her ready smile. We're often asked, "Is she always this happy?" (For the record, no.) She has the cutest mannerisms, from sucking her thumb to making adorable "ba ba ba" noises to squirming and dancing in the most fetching way. What a sweetheart!

I'm thankful for my husband, who has worked so hard to provide for our children and me. I'm proud of the steps he has taken to create his own business, and amazed at his multiple talents in creating websites, brochures, marketing, creativity, etc.! That on top of his talents as a musician and a teacher. He has stretched himself out of his comfort zone (and mine) again and again, all for the sake of his family. He keeps persevering in the face of setbacks and discouragement. What a man! He is my best friend. He is the funniest guy I know -- once in a while he'll come up with something that has me literally crying uncontrollably with laughter. That's a good feeling.

There's more, but I'll stop there and keep the rest in my heart (or for another blog post). ;-) I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving meditating on God's blessings!