Friday, June 18, 2010

Gather ye rosebuds

We're currently enjoying a visit with my parents. I love being here in the summertime because their yard is particularly beautiful at this time of year. Mom has some David Austin roses that she planted the summer before I got married. We were hoping to use them in my bouquet but they didn't bloom in time.

David Austin roses
["Abraham Darby" roses]

My someday-garden will include plenty of these beauties. In the meantime I am enjoying them vicariously. Thanks, Mom!


  1. Your photograph really captures the beauty of this rose!!

  2. Beautiful!

    The David Austin rose centre and garden is only a few miles from where we live here in Shropshire. My parents visited a couple of summers ago - they really are stunning aren't they?

  3. Rachel, how lovely! What a beautiful place it must be!