Sunday, June 19, 2011

Potted herbs

potted herbs

Meet my apartment garden: potted basil, chives, spearmint, and dill. I love having fresh herbs for my kitchen. My future herb garden will include all of the above, plus cilantro, thyme, rosemary, oregano, sage, parsley, and lavender. What are your favorite herbs?


  1. I love lavender. It's sweet delicate blossoms for salads and cucumber sandwiches and candies....but I use basil the most ; ) It's good on so many things!

  2. I absolutely love dill. It's especially yummy on baked or roasted potatoes. Yum. :) It was so nice to see you and your little family today. Hopefully we can get together again soon!

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  4. I love basil and cilantro. I've managed to keep a basil plant alive for six months now (miracle of miracles). Cilantro I never seem to manage, they are so delicate!

    This Good Life

  5. Ooh. I just did a post on herb gardening! My favorites for pots are sage, rosemary, oregano, and thyme. I like these ones because they are perennials, they thrive on neglect, and you usually only need a sprig or two for a recipe, so a couple small plants can provide for all of your cooking needs for years and years.

  6. Eva Girl, I adore lavender -- the smell and the look of it! We recently gave my mother-in-law two Munstead lavender plants for her birthday so I am hoping they will do well for her. My mother's lavender is absolutely thriving in her herb garden.

    Sarah, I love dill too! It's so good on tomato soup. I would also love to see you again soon!

    TGL, congrats on the living basil plant -- I know the rigors of keeping plants alive despite a lack of sunlight! I haven't tried cilantro in a pot, but thankfully I can get a big bundle for under a dollar at the grocery store.

    Inder-ific, I'm hopping over to check out your blog post! :)

  7. Hmm! I enjoy growing dill. The airy, strong-towering fronds are so pretty and the black swallowtails love it, laying their eggs there to become beautiful caterpillars. It is also beautiful in a flower arrangement. They do little damage :) Sometimes I find a volunteer dill nearby. It is a good companion with rosemary, parsley, and sage.
    I love reading your posts.