Friday, April 1, 2011

Birthday bowties

My husband's birthday was a few weeks ago, and one item on his birthday wish-list was "spring-colored bowties." Well, I can do that! I found some masculine, yet spring-ish cotton at Jo-Ann Fabrics and whipped these up, once again using BurdaStyle's David pattern.

gingham plaid bowtie

I altered this one to be more of a bat-wing shape, with pointed ends. I love the way it turned out.

green stripes bowtie

I have plenty of fabric left over so I think Edmund needs a matching bowtie for Easter!


  1. These are certainly happy! I like the colors and they look super cute : )

  2. Oh, I'm pretty sure Edmund would really like one!

    Karen (the Mrs.)

  3. Very spiffy! Edmund would look adorable in matching ones!

  4. Beautiful work! My husband got on a bow tie kick in our early married days. Wonder if I could encourage a reprise...

  5. how delightful! You are so talented- I saw the gorgeous dress you made a few posts down- just gorgeous!!!!! I'm glad I came upon your blog :)