Monday, April 18, 2011


Please pardon my lack of posting lately! I was quite under the weather in early April. God graciously healed me just in time for Edmund and me to fly to Arizona to spend some time here:


My longtime friend, Jessica, and her daughter M. (three weeks younger than Edmund) joined us there, as well as Jessica's older sister. This trip was courtesy of said sister as a birthday gift to Jessica. It wasn't my birthday but I sure felt like it was! We stayed in a beautiful rental home, decorated in a luxurious "Old European" style.

dining room

Not exactly kid-friendly, but with a few strategic rearrangements we managed. Edmund and M. are so close in age and they were often interested in getting into the same things, but we could definitely see differences in their personalities already. So fun!


One of my favorite experiences of the trip was making homemade lemonade from lemons we picked ourselves, right off the tree! That was such a novel experience for a Midwesterner. :) Not to mention the result was delicious.

I really enjoyed having a "feminine" vacation -- a.k.a. a lot of relaxing, resting, a little shopping, enjoying the good company and good food, etc. My husband was chiding me for not getting out and seeing the scenery but I told him we could do that next time when he's with me. ;) Edmund saw so many new things and we did some fun activities for the toddlers, like going to the park and a children's museum.

Edmund on a dino

Flying is not my favorite thing to do and I was nervous about traveling by myself, with a toddler, but God gave me so many traveling mercies, not to mention the wonderful opportunity in the first place. Thank you, Lord!


  1. It looks lovely! And lemonade from fresh lemons that you picked yourself?! wow, I bet that was delicious and amazing to pick em yourself :)
    Ashley x

  2. Thanks for writing and posting photos about your trip. Sounds like a great time despite the challenges of flying. Did Edmund ever get in the pool? Glad he is continuing into the third generation the interest in dinosaurs. :-)

  3. Thanks Ashley -- yes it was! :)

    Mom, Edmund did get in the pool (tentatively), but confined himself to the top step. He doesn't seem to like water above his knees. But he loves throwing things into the water!