Monday, March 28, 2011

Lanier mansion

This past week while my parents were visiting, we all hopped in the car and headed south, hoping to find some spring. The farther we drove, the more green flora we came upon. Madison, Indiana (right on the Ohio River, and thus in a valley) was the most verdant place we visited. Green grass, budding branches, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, violets, magnolia blossoms -- all were a sight for winter-burdened eyes!

Lanier mansion

We toured the Lanier mansion while we were there. The house was built in 1844, in the Greek Revival style, and has been filled with all manner of period-appropriate antiques.

tea set

This beautiful tea set was in the dining room on the main floor. Anyone want to pause for a cup of Darjeeling and a few cucumber sandwiches?

wash basin

A wash basin in one of the ladies' bedrooms. I love the wallpaper in this room.

antique quilt

This antique quilt was probably my favorite item in the entire house. I can just imagine all the work that went into it. My favorite types of quilts are the ones that obviously take a lot of skillful handwork (such as hexagonal piecing or appliqué, as seen here). The hand-quilting itself is also a work of art.

celestial globe

My dad (the astronomer of the family) was captivated by this celestial globe. It looks like just the thing for a study or library!


  1. Beautiful! I love the pretty little pitcher and wash basin in the ladies room.
    I've always thought it would be fun to stay in a little cottage and use a pitcher and wash basin to wash my face in the morning...and then dump the water out the window onto the flowers outside : )

  2. so beautiful!

    the wash basin is my favorite--such pretty colors :)

  3. What amazing pictures you've taken... beautiful :-) Sam xox

  4. Thanks, ladies! Eva Girl, that's a nice little daydream! :)