Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy birthday, J. S. Bach!

As a genre within art music, Baroque is my favorite. It is always beautiful and elegant, and it elevates the mind.

My husband, who has a great memory for birthdays and other dates, reminded me this morning that today is Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday. So in honor of this auspicious anniversary, please enjoy the first movement from the first Brandenburg Concerto. The rest of the concertos may easily be found on YouTube if you want more.


  1. Beautiful! Music is a balm to the soul, a treat for the mind, and a pleasure to the ears!!!

  2. Oh, I also wish him a Happy Birthday! They've been playing his works on the radio all day. And I definitely agree with you about baroque music. It doesn't intrude - well, maybe Vivaldi sometimes - but not usually. It's always cheering.

    Happy Birthday, JSB - a happy Christian!

  3. Eva Girl, well said!

    Lisa, "cheering" is an excellent and apt descriptive! :)