Friday, September 12, 2014

Purple bunting

Purple bunting

I made this bunting out of purple fabric scraps as a decoration for Lavinia's birthday last May. I just now got around to hanging it up in her bedroom (we switched rooms with her and Rosie this summer), along with a few other wall decorations. Her toddler reaction when she saw her room: "This is amazing!!" A good reminder to me, don't waste time feeling bad that my kids' bedrooms aren't Pinterest-perfect... just decorate them with a mother's love and they will be so happy.

To make the bunting, I cut out fourteen triangles (two of each fabric that I had) and backed them with a similar color. Sewed right sides together, clipped and turned right side out, then edge-stitched. I centered the triangles, tucked the raw edges up inside the (pre-made) bias tape and sewed it shut -- easy peasy!

That lavender eyelet in the foreground of the picture is left over from the birthday dress my mom made for me when I turned six.


  1. You did a beautiful job! Looks lovely!

  2. I have always loved lavender as another little girl color option; actually preferred it over pink, but it's hard to convince my little girl of that. However, this is beautiful and I'm so glad your wee one likes it. :)

    1. Yes, it's a nice switch from the ubiquitous pink (although I do like pink, too, if it's the right shade). I'm kind of silly in that I mentally "assign" my kids different colors... I always liked that the Boxcar Children each had their "own" color in that book series, so I do the same with my kids. And Lavinia is obviously lavender... :)