Saturday, December 7, 2013

Toddler totes

toddler totes

I recently finished up these simple toddler-sized tote bags for two handsome little men I know. The chevron fabric comes from Hobby Lobby and I used plain muslin from my stash for lining. I personalized the totes with the fancy-shmancy embroidery function on my mom's sewing machine, then used matching thread for the topstitching on the handles and around the tops of the bags. These are very quick to make (assuming your embroidery attempts don't give you conniption fits, ahem) and would make a lovely Christmas gift for any small children in your life! I made one for Edmund earlier in the year and it's his "church bag" that we fill with items to keep him occupied during church.

Just follow this tutorial but modify your measurements a little bit. I cut out my main bag pieces to be 13" x 11.75" (I didn't have a fold at the bottom as in the tutorial, but a seam), and the straps were 2" by 19" (they end up being 1" wide by 17" long). I used 1/2" seam allowances.

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  1. Those totes are awesome. But is it weird that I am even more enamored of your gorgeous door hardware?