Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When I ask him to smile

...I get this.

Attempted smile

I giggled for several minutes straight over this picture. There must be a disconnect in little boys' brains between the command, "Smile," and the muscles that pull the face into a pleasant expression. Not sure when those synapses develop. Maybe never?

Attempted smile

Ahhh, that's a little better, Edmund!

Since I made Lavinia an Easter hat I wanted to make something for Edmund, too. I scaled down the David bowtie pattern from BurdaStyle to fit a toddler frame. I think it's tricky to get things right with a bowtie so the wearer doesn't end up looking like Bonzo the Clown. Proportion has a lot to do with it. The bowtie should be about as wide as the wearer's chin and not overly tall. Toddlers have huge heads anyway, so this is almost as big as the bowties I make for Douglas! I used leftover yellow seersucker from my scrap stash and pre-tied the bow. It closes in back with velcro.

One more quick story. On Saturday, we were out and about and my dad took Edmund to use the bathroom. The door said, "Gentlemen," so Dad asked him, "Are you a gentleman, Edmund?" Edmund said, "No, I'm a gentleboy!" Cutie!


  1. You are so right! In a moment of insanity, I taught Little Man to say "Cheese" for pictures. Now he starts saying "Cheese" as soon as he sees the camera, which has provided us with *plenty* of very humorous photos, but very few that are... well, displayable! :-) I think little boys are here to keep us from taking ourselves too seriously.

    Edmund is such a handsome little gentleboy! And the bowtie is just perfect.


  2. Thanks, Shannon! I can just imagine, based on my own experience... my best shots are often candid!