Friday, August 24, 2012

Vintage children's clothes

My mom has been helping a friend sort through and clean out her parents' house. This week she brought home a bag full of vintage children's clothes that she knew I'd enjoy seeing. I quickly snapped a photo of all the wonderful fabrics and prints:

There was a golden brown and pink girl's dress, made of real silk, from the 1920s. Lots of cute baby rompers. Most incredible of all was a girl's petticoat from the 1950s which had an inflatable inner tube sewn into a casing for extra flare! I'd never heard of such a thing. My favorite dress was a simple little '50s sundress, printed with rosebuds (on the left in the picture).

My mom's friend has yet to go through the clothes and decide what she wants to keep, so we'll be returning the bag to her. But it was lots of fun to take a small peek at what girls wore in the past!


  1. So cute! Perhaps you'll be able to get some for Lavinia?

  2. Oh yes, that rosebud dress is lovely. I also like the yellow dress. I like the fact that the colours aren't exclusively pastel and fuchsia pinks, which seem to be all you can get for little girls nowadays.

  3. Cheri, maybe so, I might have the opportunity to sell what my mom's friend doesn't want to keep.
    Rachel, tell me about it! The most ubiquitous color seems to be what I call "pepto-bismol pink." I don't mind a little bit of pink here and there but I like some variety, too. :)

  4. Wow!!! Its so cool! Big thanks for so much very beautiful pics!