Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A boy and his Puddleduck

One day, back in Indiana, Douglas and Edmund were walking around our apartment complex and stopped to befriend an older single lady. When Edmund admired her cheap plastic garden duck, she presented it to him as a gift. I confess I rolled my eyes when they brought it back. In my (well-intentioned, but perhaps over-zealous) drive to keep our lives free of clutter and junk, I thought it would end up in the dumpster in a few days.

However, I was proved wrong when Edmund really enjoyed playing with Jemima, as we call her. He treated her almost like a doll -- feeding her, putting her to bed, and meting out discipline.

Since our move, she's been residing in a box. During a recent retrieval trip to our storage unit, I came across Jemima and rescued her. She now happily resides in the herb garden.


  1. Quite possibly my favorite post of yours, ever. How endearing!! (And I genuinely laughed aloud at "meting out discipline." Even plastic lawn ducks need to be kept in line, apparently.)

  2. Ashley, I totally agree. This is a peace of Heaven...

  3. That is pretty adorable!
    And I know what you mean about trying to keep clutter out of your life by not having to many toys around. Someone gave my daughter a big(2ft), cheap, Winnie the Pooh(one I never would have bought) and I fully intended to toss it after the newness wore off after a few days.
    She loves that bear. She puts him to bed(tells me to "shh, tuh days.
    teddy bear is sweeping"), pretends to changes his diaper and gives him a passy when she feel like sharing hers.
    I never would have thought she would love him so much.

  4. Aww, how cute! It's amazing what children can latch onto! And wow, Edmund is looking big, I can't believe he's on the way to being 2 soon, incredible how time flies!

  5. Thanks, Ashley! I was quite amused to overhear Edmund telling Jemima of her wrongdoings. Of course, it was mostly parroting what we tell Edmund, sigh...
    Thank you, Singing River. <3
    Sarah H., how hysterical. That's exactly the sort of thing I would have tried to get rid of, too. Our kids have different ideas, eh?
    Rachel, even more incredible, he's actually going to be three in November! ;-) The time has gone by quickly!

  6. Ha! Whoops, got my calculations a wee bit wrong there, shows how quickly time really has flown, lol!