Monday, April 9, 2012

Springtime beauty

We have been having the most beautiful spring here in Indiana that we've ever experienced since moving here three and a half years ago! It feels like a gift from God as this will be our last spring to enjoy here.

God has opened a small door for us after we have been praying and waiting for one for the past three years. We'll be moving back to Nebraska shortly after our baby is born. At first we will likely have to live with my parents for a short while, but then we'll be moving to a house only a few blocks away once it is ready for us.

I'm excited to have some of the things I've been missing the past three years of apartment-living -- a yard for Edmund and the baby to play in, a place to take walks with the kids without having to drive anywhere, space for some gardening, and less cramped living quarters! Not to mention ready-and-willing babysitters just a few blocks away. ;-)

Meanwhile, Douglas will have the opportunity to work on some entrepeneurial endeavors. There's no knowing where the next few years will take us, so it is especially a time to trust God for provision, care, and guidance.

[Dutchman's Breeches -- a favorite springtime flower from my Illinois girlhood that does not grow wild in Nebraska as it does here in the eastern Midwest.]

Of course, we will miss our Indiana church and friends. We're trying to savor the things we enjoy about living here these last few months. Douglas likes the taller trees that you find in the eastern part of the Midwest. It seems silly, but I'll miss the grocery stores I frequent. :) (Though it will be fun to coordinate shopping trips with my mom or grandma, to have an extra hand with wrasslin' two babes and a shopping cart.)

"Have I not commanded you?
Be strong and courageous.
Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged,
for the LORD your God will be with you
wherever you go."
--Joshua 1:9


  1. What wonderful news! I feel terrible that we have seen each other so little since our family moved to Marion. Hopefully we can see each other once more before your move. God Bless as you prepare for a new baby and this new journey! :)

  2. Beautiful photos! Congratulations on the move- it's such a blessing to be near family.


  3. We will miss you guys!! We will keep you in our prayers and trust that the Lord will show you His will for your lives.


  4. Isn't it just wonderful when things work out the way we
    want them to? Same here I was pregnant and living in
    Maryland, and after the birth of our son we were lucky
    to be able to move back home up North Jersey(as I don't care
    for the South) and we lived with my parents till moving
    into our home 4 miles away! Im sure your family are so
    happy to moving back! Good luck!

  5. Thanks for your sweet words, everyone! Sarah, don't feel terrible! I would love to see you again before we go. :). Jana, I will miss you too! Thanks for your prayers!

  6. What a blessing to be near family with baby number 2 on the way! I hope Douglas' business/entrepreneurial plans go well. My husband has recently set up his own business, so I know how it feels to be nervous and excited all at the same time :-) xxx

  7. Thanks, Rachel! That's neat! Yep, exciting yet nerve-wracking is a good summary. :-). I'm learning and stretching a lot!