Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer WIFD - day seven

wifd - day seven

On the final day of my WIFD, I wore an Anthropologie top with my newly-finished linen Beignet skirt from Colette Patterns.

linen beignet skirt

I made this from stash fabric as a "wearable muslin" and I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out! Colette Patterns are a bit pricey but you will end up with a very well-made garment. If I bought a skirt like this in a store, it would cost me well over $100, and it wouldn't even be tailored to my figure. Choose some quality fabrics like wool and silk habotai lining and you'll up the luxury factor even more. At times, it pays to sew your own clothes!

This week was a good exercise for me as I now see I have plenty of options to make it through a week of dressing femininely, without resorting to the grubby or sloppy (oh, it happens!). I've tried to pay more attention to accessorizing as I think those little touches can add a subtle and beautiful look to an outfit. As to why I even bother trying to dress nicely at all, you can find some of my reasons here. I hope these posts have been an inspiration and encouragement to you!

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  1. Can I steal your closet? :P ;) I'm ony kidding of course, but it would give me some more inspiration to lose a few more pounds, and pray hard for a couple more inches in height! :D

    I especially love your anthropologie shirts!

  2. Nice work! I think your skirt looks better than the picture on the pattern. Is this the same fabric as your tiered skirt? The buttons really add interest Glad you have had a chance to sew this week.

  3. Lovely! I like how this turned out! I have been apprehensive about that pattern from them, but yours looks great! I must agree that yours looks better than the pattern cover, probably due to fabric choice. Thanks for sharing!! :) (

  4. LOL, Cheri -- I draw the line at stealing my actual clothes, but you're welcome to steal ideas! :-P I do it, too! Anthropologie is probably my favorite store, but I use it more for inspiration than actually buying anything -- those prices! Eeek!

    Anonymous (Mom?), it is a very similar linen, probably the same shade but a different dye lot, so there is a subtle difference in color. It was leftover from the medieval surcote I made last fall. (The fabric from which I made my tiered skirt was bought at the same time, but never used for costumes.) I found the buttons on clearance at Jo-Ann Fabrics so it was only $2 for all twelve. They are hand-wash only but I thought it would be worth it! :-)

    Thanks, Redhead Lynn! I hope you're inspired to try the pattern for yourself -- I think it's great. I am contemplating a winter-time version in wool crepe and rayon bemberg lining.

  5. I love it! The fabric is perfect. Now I want to buy that pattern. That, and half of the other Colette patterns. There's a Rooibos sewalong going on right now, and, though it's never stood out to me before, I suddenly see the appeal of the Rooibos and want to buy the pattern and join in.

  6. I agree with your statement about Colette patterns being pricey but the results being well worth it. I'm actually wearing the clothes I am making instead of giving them to goodwill because they don't fit / look good.
    I really like what you've done with "Sorbetto". It's given me lots of ideas - the basic pattern was very my mother-in-law's style, I just didn't feel that it was "young" enough for me, but you've made it look very stylish for a 20-something.

  7. Thanks, Serena. I haven't been a huge fan of the Rooibos pattern either, but maybe some of the sew-along results will change my mind! Right now I would love to sew the Oolong dress for fall. And also the Sencha blouse... and also... ;-)

    Chelsea, I'm glad I gave you some ideas with the Sorbetto. I can definitely see how it would look kind of "old" to you with the '60s-inspired block shape. I think the key is to use youthful fabrics, fun embellishments, and either belting it or tucking it in for some definition.

  8. Wow. I fear I'm failing rather miserably at dressing nicely here at home. I just don't take the time to do something extra if I'm not going anywhere! I think I may just have to work on the wardrobe some... Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  9. Janel, I know how you feel -- it's not my natural instinct to get dressed up for a day at home. My husband is appreciative, though, so I keep trying. ;) Your mileage may vary in terms of what's practical, what your husband likes, what you're comfortable with, etc. Everyone's different. I'm glad you found some inspiration here, though! :)