Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer WIFD - day five


This day, we were traveling all day in the car so I opted more for comfort than style. I wore a short-sleeved knit wrap cardigan over two J. Crew tanks and an Old Navy knit maxi skirt, plus flip-flops for easily slipping on and off in the car.


In his college days, my husband was accustomed to driving very long cross-country trips to get from school to home and back again, and thinks nothing of filling up the tank and driving until it's empty again. By the time we reached Meramec Caverns in Missouri, I was begging for mercy. ;-) We got out and stretched our legs a little, although we didn't tour the caverns this time. Then back on the road again!

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  1. Oh, the caverns! I love these signs. I would tell my dad "I know we are in Missouri, the signs!" (I'm quite sure they start in western Ohio though...). Gorgeous clothes! I wish I could sew. I cringe when I visit the nearest Anthropologie and a treat comes from the sale rack, if I'm lucky! I'm also sorry for your loss. Praying for you!

    In Christ,

  2. Thanks so much for your prayers, Dawn! I had not driven that route in MO before so it was interesting to see a new landscape. I know, I choke at Anthropologie prices too, but the sales rack is sometimes reasonable and my sweet husband gave me a gift card last Christmas. :-)

  3. Any suggestions for traveling with a little one? We will be making a trip soon (Denver to Missouri to Wisconsin back to Denver) and our son will be 21 months at that point. Not quite sure how to do this as he starts getting ready to be out of his car seat at about an hour. I'd love any ideas / knowledge you've gained from this trip.

  4. Chelsea, Edmund has been driving very long road trips since he was just a few weeks old so I suppose he is more accustomed to it than your average toddler. We have been blessed in that he has always slept well in his car seat. Right now at 20 months old, I try to schedule our driving time to coincide with his sleepy times. He'll usually nap about two hours in the car (or more if we drive past his bedtime). You might even consider getting off very early (like 4am) if your son will continue to sleep out the remainder of his nighttime rest in the carseat while you drive, or driving late into the wee hours of the night if that works better for you.
    If he is restless you or your husband will probably want to sit in the backseat next to him so you can read to him or help him play with toys. We also have a few CDs that Edmund likes. Snacks will also keep him occupied. Whenever we stop for gas or bathroom break, we let him out to stretch his legs (however short the break is). We talk to him, point out things we see out the window, teach him new words, practice reciting numbers/letters, etc. Sometimes he will occupy himself for a good while if we give him a really intriguing toy (like locking our cell phone and letting him flip it open, press buttons, etc. to his heart's content). I hope these suggestions help!

  5. Oh, another thought -- the one-piece romper you see him wearing is what I usually dress him in when we're traveling by car. It is a loose cotton knit with no uncomfortable or tight elastic and it is already stained so I don't worry about him dropping bits of food or drink on himself.