Sunday, November 28, 2010

Who wants a mostly-finished housefrock?


Douglas and I are doing a Great Purge of our belongings. Our apartment is fairly small and we don't have much storage space, and things were getting too cluttered for me to keep clean (thus causing great anguish of the soul to Douglas, who is a neater freak than me). So, while going through one of our storage tubs I came across this unfinished dress. It was a little tight even before I started nursing and there's no way it will fit me now. However, it is mostly finished and I hate to throw it away! So that means if any of you dear readers are interested, I will send it to you for the cost of shipping via PayPal (the cost will depend on where you live, but I will keep it as cheap as I possibly can). First person to e-mail me at kcimedl (at) hotmail (dot) com (subject line: housefrock) gets dibs! Let me know your zip code or country so I can get back to you with the shipping costs ASAP.


Here are the specs:

Fabric/Pattern: Light blue cotton with a small floral jacquard weave. The cuffs and collar are off-white cotton and the cuffs are trimmed with vintage lace. The pattern is Easy Stitch 'n' Save M5024 by McCall's, which appears to be out of print but is basically the exact same as McCalls 4769. I will include the pattern and instructions.

Size: I think I cut this out in a pattern size 12 (bust 34, waist 26.5, hip 36). Measurements while lying flat are bust 37 inches, waist 29.5 inches, and hips 44 inches. The length from the back of the neck to the unfinished hem is approximately 45 inches.

Left to do: The dress has been assembled most of the way. The collar still needs to be attached, the facing needs to be sewn on, buttonholes need to be made, the skirt needs to be hemmed, etc. The collar and upper facings, both made of the same off-white cotton as the sleeve cuffs, are already cut and will be included. There do not seem to be any pieces for a lower facing (below the waistline) but I will include scraps of the blue fabric if you want to piece your own. There is not a belt. Buttons are not included.

Perfectionist's disclaimer: I started this dress soon after I learned to sew so it's not up to my current standards. :) The seams are unfinished. If I was going to finish this dress for myself I would rip out the sleeves and re-insert them; I am not sure whether the sleeve cap is supposed to be gathered or eased in but I didn't do a great job either way. It might not bother a less perfectionistic seamstress, though. ;) Up to you!

Please give this classy lady a second chance at life!

EDIT: Thanks for your interest... the dress has been shipped off to her new home! :)


  1. It is so beautiful and classy! I would love it if it has not been claimed yet (I just sent you an email).

  2. it's gorgeous! too bad it doesn't fit but at least another lucky lady will get to enjoy it. :)

  3. Love the dress! I'll use it for inspiration, if you don't mind.