Monday, November 1, 2010

Dear Golden Vintage

I just came across the most gorgeous Etsy shop, Dear Golden Vintage. Such a lovely selection and the cohesive presentation makes it a joy to browse through her offerings! It gets me inspired for future sewing projects. I am soooo tempted by this 1950s dress which is even in my current size, but the $138 price tag and the lack of nursing-friendliness (ha) are keeping me sane. I am also drooling over the fabric on this 1930s cotton voile dress. Some other favorites: 1920s lace dress, 1960s celadon plaid suit, and 1940s chocolate peep-toe heels. Of course I'd taken anything from the shop, especially if it was given to me. ;)

What are your favorite pieces from Dear Golden Vintage? Are there any other shops you like to browse for sewing/fashion inspiration?


  1. Mm, lovely! I really liked this '20s dress:

    And this '40s dress has kind of a wild print, but the lines of it are so nice:

    Wearing History is a fun shop for inspiration. :)

  2. I'm loving this 1950's dress (which fortunately is not in my size! :-):

    And this one is delightful, too!

    What a wonderful shop -- thank you for sharing!


  3. I wonder if you could make something like the 1st dress, with a lift up front (concealed by the sash) with an under layer with nursing slits, as so many have done with some of the S&S dresses? A waist sash is such an easy way to conceal nursing access! And slimming too!:)

  4. Those are all great dresses, Serena and Shannon. I hadn't noticed the country set '50s dress on my first perusal, but I love the decoration at the hem. I'm storing up that idea for the future!

    Mackenzie, my mind was running in the same vein as yours! If I am still not-pregnant by next spring I will have to give it a try!