Friday, October 1, 2010

Bread-baking saga, part deux

Homemade bread

Since I last posted about bread-baking, my dear friend Robin gave me some freshly ground wheat flour from her hand mill. First I tried a 100% whole wheat dough, with blackstrap molasses, so it was quite dark and hearty. Next I tried half white bread flour, half whole wheat flour (pictured here, with homemade grape jelly, also from Robin!). They cut thickly so a slice of bread is a delicious accompaniment to a bowl of warm soup -- perfect for these beautiful autumn days.

(Ironically, Robin and her daughters have been eating gluten-free for the past several months, and are feeling much the better for it. If you are in the gluten-free boat, her blog has some tempting recipes for you!)


  1. That looks absolutely scrumptious! You did a wonderful job.

    I make Rob a slice of toast every morning for breakfast, I look at it and give a little sigh and hand it over. This is probably the one thing I miss the most - a good piece of toast. But then I remind myself how much better I feel being off of gluten and get over it pretty quickly. :)

  2. I admire your self-control, Robin. Your glowing endorsement of gluten-free living has interested Douglas so we may try it one of these days. I have to admit the lure of more energy is hard to turn down, especially for a mom with a young son. :)