Thursday, September 30, 2010

Churn Dash, revisited

Churn Dash
[A smattering of finished quilt blocks.]

When I was pregnant last year, I publicly expressed my intentions of making a baby quilt on this very blog. Fast forward a year (or more) and the quilt is not done, but I have an excuse! The fact is Edmund received a lot of baby blankets as gifts, all of them very beautiful and useful, but I figured I really don't need to go to all that work when he's got plenty of blankets already. So, I decided to turn my blanket into a toddler-sized quilt instead. I recently pulled out the fabrics again and starting piecing some more blocks. I need to do the math to figure out how many I will need for the larger quilt, but so far I have twenty done. Things are chugging along!


  1. What happy colors! Are you putting the colors together randomly, or is it a specific pattern? I've always wished to know how to do quilting. I'll look forward to seeing this when it gets finished. =)

  2. Cheri, I don't really know what I'm doing either. :-P The colors are pretty random, I guess -- some of the fabrics come from matching quilting cottons and others are scraps from a friend and others are random 1930s repros. Hopefully it will somehow all pull together when it's finished.

  3. Beautiful! I love all of the colors and prints (and your piecing looks so lovely and precise).

    What a wonderful way to make a useful toddler quilt, rather than an unneeded extra baby blanket! Which makes me wonder, how many baby blankets are there per infant in America -- every mother I've heard of seems to have dozens! :-)


  4. How lovely! I love the assortment of colors and vintage-looking fabrics.

    I'm looking forward to pulling out my quilting project now that it's autumn. There's just something about cool weather that puts me in a quilting mood.

  5. Beautiful! I love the churn dash pattern.