Friday, August 13, 2010


[Mom on the left, Dad on the right]

I made these silhouettes of my parents several years ago, just for an old-fashioned touch for my bedroom. Here's how I made them, step by step:

1. Take a digital photograph of your subject, in profile, against a blank white background. Open the photo in a graphics editing program and set the contrast to be as high as possible. Print the image.
2. Trace the silhouette and add any artistic or historical details you may fancy (I got some inspiration for the Regency-style touches from a book on silhouettes from our local library). Fill in the silhouette with black ink.
3. Xerox the silhouettes onto white paper. This is also a good time to adjust the size, if you need to.
4. Soak the paper in a brew of black tea to get an "aged" look. Quick dry the paper by placing it on a cookie sheet and sticking it in the oven on its lowest temperature. Repeat as often as needed.
5. Fit the silhouettes into matching vintage junk-store frames and hang them on the wall!


  1. Those are beautiful, Laura! Thanks for sharing the instructions.

  2. Wow Laura! Those are amazing!! I love them!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are so grand! and the chosen frames totally set them apart! LOVE IT!
    Thanks for sharing!