Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pink flora

Before we left Colorado, we spent a delightful morning wandering through the Denver Botanic Gardens. I realized that I must have a penchant for pink flowers because when I got home and looked through our photos, I realized that's pretty much all I photographed.

flower collage

We've been on the road again the past few weeks, but we're back to one spot now (for the present, at least!). I hope to use the next few weeks to do some sewing and pattern drafting. I have just a little handsewing to finish up on a 1940s rayon dress for my mother-in-law, which I will share photos of soon. And... it's pink. :)


  1. Awesome photos Laura. Did you study photography professionally or are you self taught? You have a great photographic eye. And I love pink flowers too!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! What a lovely and artistic display of God's beautiful creation!


  3. I love the botanic garden...I volunteered in the rose garden last summer, and it was a wonderful experience!

  4. Thank you, Hannah. I don't have any formal training in photography, but a nice camera and great subjects are good ways to fake it. :)

    April, that sounds like so much fun! The rose garden was probably one of my favorite areas.