Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vintage style

I've been enjoying the book Decorating Vintage Style from the library. It's by Christina Strutt (owner of the wonderful Cabbages and Roses) and is filled with lovely photographs of inspiring interiors. She eloquently captures why I love to have old things about me:
"When we look at vintage, we're aware of the generations that have gone before, of lives loved and lost, of possessions treasured. We feel at ease in vintage-style interiors, partly because of their coziness and comfort, and partly because the objects evoke a nostalgia for what we perceive as more carefree, innocent days."
Since we've been married, we haven't had much money to budget toward decorating -- but part of the charm of vintage style is not the monetary value of the items in your home, but finding second-hand treasures, repurposing or repainting, or collecting slowly over the years. You can't be in a hurry, which suits me just fine.

Decorating Vintage Style

But right now I'm obsessing about finding (or making) a vintage-style quilt to act as slipcover to our couch -- an inheritance from Douglas' Gran'Molly, and very good quality, but the upholstery screams "EARLY 1990s!!!" ;)


  1. Yes, I definitely think that is the charm of vintage interiors - they have a real warmth about them which is linked to their antiquity. I can find modern interiors very cold. The print of the material in the photo is lovely.

  2. i agree with RAchel.I am new to your blog, but its very lovely. Thankyou for taking the time to post.

  3. This gorgeous-looking book has been on my amazon wishlist for quite a while!

    I love vintage decor as well. So warm and welcoming, and telling a story of developing over time.