Monday, July 12, 2010

Un beau jour

Over the weekend, while our menfolk were out conquering Mount Bierstadt, the ladies enjoyed a day of gentle feminine indulgences. My two Moms, Louisa, and I had a leisurely morning (as opposed to the guys' 4:00 AM wake-up time), then went for a walk in the park.

A walk in the park

We followed this up with afternoon tea at the Brown Palace Hotel. Tea is served in the lobby area to the dulcet strains of piano or harp. Our friendly pianist was quite accommodating and indulged Louisa's requests for songs from "Gigi" and "My Fair Lady."

The Brown Palace Hotel

We were served scones with jam and Devonshire cream, savory sandwiches, and small sweet treats. My "no sweets" rule went on hiatus for the afternoon. ;) Edmund got his first taste of scone crumbs and jam, then napped in my arms for the rest of the tea.

Tea service

Our next stop was Denver Fabrics. Mom D. and Mom S. both made some purchases, but I exercised restraint as I still have fabrics from my last visit that haven't been sewn up. It was fun to look at all the gorgeous fabrics, though.

Flowers, tea, fabric. Sounds like a beautiful day to me!


  1. Sounds like fun! I know I need to make a trip to DF soon. Or wait, honestly, I *want* to... ::ahem::

  2. Oh, how wonderful! (said in an English accent) It sounds like you all had a most lovely day. Glad to hear that you all are having a good time with your family.


  3. It sounds positively delightful!!

  4. lovely. The garden, and the silver. What fun for you girls, and Edward:) Thanyou for sharing

  5. That does indeed sound like a most *perfect* day! How lovely!