Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dots and stripes

Dots & Stripes
[You can see by the scrapes on her nose she is getting more mobile,
and has finally started some tentative walking!]

Lavinia seems to have inherited Douglas' fair complexion, which means I worry a bit more about protecting her from the sun. My mom came to the rescue recently by sewing her a cute little navy and white polka-dotted hat. To make it festive for Independence Day, I handmade a little patriotic rosette for decoration, basically following this technique for the red rose (I didn't have fabric glue, so I hand-sewed it together). The striped fabric is simply a straight scrap gathered and attached to the back of the rose.

Dots & Stripes

She'll at least tolerate the hat for a little while before attempting to remove it.


  1. So precious! And your patriotic embellishment is quite festive. Sweet little Lavinia -- I just love her expressions in both photos!

    This reminds me that I need to make a sun hat for my little one, too -- summer in Florida is quite unforgiving.


  2. Such cuteness! Love the look on that little face. :)

  3. Adorable. That fabric combo is so winning. I just made a hat for my fair-skinned girl, too, and I need to take a picture and blog about it!

  4. So, so cute. I've never tried to make those fabric flowers before, but I just may have to!