Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Where the nodding violet grows..."

We are having an exceptionally late spring in Nebraska this year -- flowers that have usually come and gone by early May are only just blooming out! It's been hard to wait patiently for warmer weather and the beauty of spring, but there is an upside. :) My sweet Lavinia's first birthday is coming up soon and I plan to bedeck the festivities with as many beautiful blooms as I can!

Violet varieties

I found all five of these color variations of violets in our backyard. In previous years, I've only picked violets for small bouquets, but this year I want to try a few culinary endeavors, which means gathering a lot of violets. It's hard to find the time to concentrate on such a task. I thought I could get Edmund involved in picking the violets but his attention span for such an activity doesn't last long. He prefers "mowing" the grass with his toy lawnmower or swinging under the crabapple tree. He did present me with a handful of violets and dandelions, saying, "I picked a posy for you, Mama!" He is so sweet.


  1. We've also had a very late spring - we had snow at Easter, and only now are we getting blossom, but the leaves on the tress are coming out at the same time, along with daffodils and tulips! It's very beautiful, having waited for so long.

    1. Oh yes! I love getting wafts of scent from the blossoming spring trees. Well worth the wait! :)