Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sweet Lavinia

Lavinia is two months old now! We are entering my favorite part of the infant stage -- she gives us sweet smiles and makes pretty coos, her neck is getting strong enough that she doesn't need constant head support, and she sleeps well at night. She's definitely left that "lean newborn" look behind and is quite the pudgy lady.

It's been a challenge to adjust to being a mother of two, but I have had so much help I feel like I'm somehow cheating. :-P I am sooooo blessed that Edmund still takes 2+ hour naps every afternoon, as it gives me some time to rest or work more efficiently. Edmund is a great big brother and calls her 'Avinia (being unable to pronounce his L's without great prompting from Douglas or me). Very cute.

I've been finding some time to (slowly, slowly) do some sewing, and I finished up a new shirtdress last night. I'm (slowly, slowly) losing that post-partum weight, but in the meantime nothing that I wore last summer fits. Shirtdresses are great for nursing so I bought enough fabric to make two. Photos of version #1 coming soon!


  1. Lavinia is beautiful! I look forward to seeing photos of the dresses you are sewing. : )

  2. She's lovely, thank you for sharing a photograph.

  3. I just adore this photo! Your baby girl is so precious and beautiful. What a wonderful place you have here.
    Your blog is becoming one of my favorites. =)