Sunday, September 4, 2011


airplane hood ornament

On Saturday, our little family went to a large car show and auction where we had the opportunity to admire lots of vintage cars, some quite rare. This is our third year attending so I guess it's becoming a family tradition! Now, my husband loves cars and knows a lot about them. According to his mom, at age two he could identify the make of every car by sight. I can't even do that at age 28. He's passing this love on to Edmund, who has entertained friends and family by correctly identifying cars, trucks, Jeeps, SUVs, etc. Now Douglas is working on teaching him the different makes. He has Pontiac and Chevy down pat, but still needs a little help with Ford and others. :)

The afternoon featured exchanges like this one:

She: (looking at a 1940 Packard) Doesn't this remind you of our wedding getaway car [a '39 Packard]?
He: Yes, they're practically identical, the only difference is that there's an extra portion of grill right here. (pointing)
She: How could you even notice that?
He: How could you not?

So my car knowledge is sadly lacking, but I can still appreciate the beauty and elegance of well-made cars from days gone by.

super charged
[Love the vintage font!]

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  1. This reminds me of my brother - I don't think he knew so much at 2 years, but he wasn't much older. He was talking just yesterday about an upcoming local antique car show he's looking forward to.