Monday, February 28, 2011

Farm fresh eggs

farm fresh brown eggs
[Contrary to popular advice, I did put all my eggs
in one basket -- but only for the purpose of this photo.]

It's one of my goals as a homemaker to make positive diet choices for my family. However, spending a lot of time in the kitchen is not one of my favorite things so I tend to procrastinate certain steps to better dietary health that strike me as being really labor-intensive. In short, I'm prone to laziness. There are some steps that are so simple, however, that I really have no excuse. One is to buy farm-fresh eggs from pasture-fed chickens instead of supermarket eggs -- especially since my husband already passes the farm on his way to and from work. I got motivated in this area because Edmund really likes eggs (hard-boiled, scrambled, in a frittata -- you name it). Also, Douglas and I have been consuming more eggs lately in an effort to balance our breakfasts with more protein. So if we're going to be eating eggs anyway, we might as well be eating the most nutritious kind!


  1. They're beautiful!

    I got four laying hens last year. We get 3 eggs a day. That's plenty for us for fresh eating and baking. We built the chicken's run over part of our garden for built in composting ; )

  2. Oh, you got me laughing with your picture subtitle! Now I'm hearing Fred Astaire singing in my head -- "I'm putting all my eggs in one basket, I'm betting everything I've got on you..."

    What beautiful eggs -- they *look* nutritious! And such a lovely photograph, too -- as always.


  3. We are eagerly awaiting our spring eggs. "The Girls" are just a bit too young. Don't you love the dark yellow yolks? Store eggs seem so pallid after you've had the real thing.

    Have you ever had creamed eggs on toast? Make a white sauce, mince up hard boiled eggs in it, pour over toast or biscuits. Delicious!

  4. Those are really wise and thoughtful choices - having protein for breakfast, using eggs, and getting them from the farm! Eggs have had such bad press (over here in the UK at least - have you had the same over there?) relating to their impact on cholesterol levels - which is all rubbish. They are healthy, and they look so beautiful!

    My fiance's mother has hens and at the moment has way too many eggs to cope with, so we took some off her hands and made a lemon pie (9 eggs for the filling and one for the pastry - except the eggs were so small we had to use 14). For a pudding, it was a massive protein-fest with every slice! Jafion

  5. A beautiful picture!

    I too am making the switch and was excited to find a new neighbor with farm fresh eggs!

  6. Thanks for your comments, ladies! It's great to hear there are others doing the same thing!

    Rebwey, I'm not sure if it's my imagination but the yolks seem larger than "store" eggs! I've made what I know as "eggs a la goldenrod," which sounds like what you're describing. I shared the recipe here. And it is delicious! :)

    Jafion, I'm not sure whether eggs are still getting bad press here in the US; I confess to being out of the media loop as we don't have TV, don't get a newspaper, don't subscribe to many magazines, etc.! Regardless of whether they are "in" or "out" of popular favor, my personal philosophy of nutrition is to eat lots of whole foods in variety and moderation... common sense tells us that God-made, natural, unprocessed foods are really what are best for us! And your pie sounds delicious. It's nice when you can sneak some nutrition into a dessert. ;-)

  7. I found your eggs a la goldenrod....just exactly like my mom's first home-ec project! She said that in her home they called that dish "eggs a la goldenrod" when they had company and "egg gravy" when it was just family:)

    I read somewhere that you can tell the freshness of an egg by how high and rounded the yolk is; how distinct from the white. Since then I've noticed that store yolks do look sad and flat.

  8. Your blog is lovely! The dresses you have made are very beautiful.

  9. Yeah! Good for you. We enjoy eggs almost every morning for breakfast around here. You are going to be spoiled before long and start finding the store eggs to be rather bland and pale looking. :) We just bought 20 more chicks over the weekend and soon will have an abundance of eggs all the time. :)

  10. Leah, that's awesome! It would be nice to keep our own chickens one of these days, but right now I think our neighbors would object. ;-)