Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thrifted treasures

I've had a little success in the thrifting/vintage shopping department lately. Most of the thrift stores around where I live are Goodwills, and their prices are generally ridiculous. (Really? $4.50 for a used top, when I could find a new one on clearance for a cheaper price?) I'm not willing to pay above what I would consider a good "garage sale" price.

hat stand and hatbox

I did find this wooden hat stand and vintage floral hatbox at Goodwill, and the prices were actually reasonable. I may repaint the hat stand ivory or a more muted color, but for now I like how it matches the pink roses on the hatbox. I will use the hatbox for storage for now, but in the future I can foresee it decorating a daughter's bedroom. I am a complete sucker for vintage floral patterns, especially when they're pink. I hope my daughters like them, too.

sweater clip

This sweater clip actually comes from an antique store, but it was such a great price it may as well have been thrifted. ;-) Sweater clips, if you have never heard of them, are meant to hold a cardigan in place when wearing it over the shoulders, like a cape. Very librarian-ish, right? If you have never seen these for sale anywhere, Jen has a great tutorial on how to make your own here.

I'm working on an earring storage project, mostly from thrifted materials, so I'll share that soon, too!


  1. Oh how pretty! I love the pink roses too : ) I have two little boys. There's not much of a demand for pink roses from either of them! Maybe, someday...

  2. I love the hat! So very adorable!

  3. Congratulations on your lovely finds! I love that hat -- and how the hatstand blends with the box!

    I agree about Goodwill -- their baby clothes are $2.99, and they put used onesies on the rack that would be much cheaper brand new! One price does not fit all. :-)


  4. For a minute I thought you had the hat box from your Great-grandmother Smith. The one you found is very similar to hers which I have in my closet. So when you are ready to decorate your daughter's room, let me know and I will be glad to contribute another hat box. :-)

    I like the hat stand and sweater clip! Your photo arrangements are lovely as always. Isn't that the hat you wore to tea at the Drake Hotel in Chicago and received so many compliments?

  5. Mom, the hatbox did remind me of Great-Grandma Smith's, but if I remember correctly hers was more of a darker, reddish-pink floral. It was probably a popular look for hatboxes (I can see why). That is the hat I wore to the Drake Hotel. I haven't worn it since Easter 2009 so maybe having it out will inspire me to wear it more often. :)